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Mastering the Art of Sponsorship: An IFBB Pro’s Guide to Standing Out and Securing Partnerships in Bodybuilding

In the competitive and visually striking world of bodybuilding, getting noticed and sponsored can often seem as challenging as the training itself. However, in a recent conversation with IFBB PRO CHE MCCONICO (FITLIFECHE), invaluable insights were shared on how bodybuilders can secure sponsorships. The central theme of his advice was the importance of adopting a corporate mindset and understanding what companies are looking for in athletes they choose to sponsor.

Understanding the Corporate Mindset

According to Che, the first step in attracting sponsorships is to shift one’s perspective to align with that of a corporation. Companies seek more than just physical prowess or a trophy-winning physique; they are looking for brand ambassadors whose values, public image, and social media presence resonate with their brand identity and target audience. “It’s essential to think of yourself as a product and your potential sponsor as a consumer. What makes you a product they would want to invest in?” he emphasized.

A corporate mindset also involves professionalism in all interactions, reliability, and the ability to engage with fans and followers in a manner that positively reflects the sponsoring brand. Understanding the marketing goals of potential sponsors and demonstrating how you can help achieve those goals is crucial. This might mean highlighting your social media reach, your engagement rates, or your ability to connect with a specific demographic.

Standing Out from the Crowd

With thousands of competitors vying for attention, the importance of standing out cannot be overstated. Che shared that authenticity and having a unique story or angle can significantly elevate an athlete’s appeal to potential sponsors. “Don’t just be another bodybuilder. Be the bodybuilder who stands for something, whether it’s a particular training philosophy, overcoming adversity, or championing a cause,” he suggested.

Building a personal brand that is authentic, engaging, and reflective of your values is a powerful way to differentiate yourself. This includes being active and strategic on social media, engaging with your audience, and showcasing aspects of your life and training that are uniquely yours. Content that provides value, whether through inspiration, education, or entertainment, can help build a loyal following, making you more attractive to sponsors.

The Sponsors Will Come to You

One of the most striking points made by Che was the idea that if you work hard enough at standing out and aligning yourself with the needs of potential sponsors, they will eventually come looking for you. This doesn’t negate the need for athletes to proactively seek out opportunities and present themselves to potential sponsors, but it highlights the power of building a strong personal brand.

“Focus on being so good and so unique that sponsors cannot ignore you. When you reach that point, you’ll find that opportunities start coming your way without you having to chase them down,” he noted. This approach requires patience, persistence, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, not just in bodybuilding but in all aspects of personal branding and professional development.


Securing sponsorships in bodybuilding is as much about what you offer off the stage as on it. Adopting a corporate mindset, understanding what sponsors are looking for, standing out from the competition, and building a strong, authentic personal brand are all crucial steps toward attracting the attention of potential sponsors. According to the advice of the IFBB pro Che Mcconico, embodying these qualities and consistently demonstrating your value will not only make you a more attractive candidate for sponsorships but will also elevate your career to new heights.

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